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Our services include Operational Systems and Process Analysis, Cost Modeling, Proposal Development, and cover all facets of Logistics and Systems Engineering support. The following provides an overview of the services and service related products we can provide as either a complete integral part of your business or program, or as a single discrete task for your business or program. Whether your requirement is MIL-STD based or commercial ISO based, our services and products are tailored to ensure compliance.

Ball    Operations Research & Business Process Analysis Services

The “Right Sized” organization is only 1/3 of the Business Proficiency equation when attempting to optimize capability to costs for competitive ability. Understanding how your operational management infrastructure fits as an integral part of your business system and whether your business system is effectively enabling your resources with the right capability to accomplish their jobs at lowest possible cost is the other 2/3’s of the Business Proficiency equation.

Business ProficiencyOnce you have “right sized the organization’s resources”, you must ensure that your operational management infrastructure is optimized both for effective cost management and enabling your personnel with the best capability possible. Paying for operational management infrastructure that is not used and / or underutilizing your operational management infrastructure investment physically constraints your business from achieving an optimal level of Business Proficiency.

Likewise not enabling your resources with the right capability to effectively accomplish their jobs means a lower inherent business competitive ability. Ensuring that your limited resources have a comprehensive understanding of how the operational management infrastructure is an integral part of their business processes and making that infrastructure a natural part of their daily job activities is key to doing more with less, as well as, providing your business with that crucial cost competitive edge.

While resources and infrastructure are the key areas for controlling and possessing a cost competitive advantage; ensuring that your fundamental Business System functions are integral working components that compliment and truly enable your resource and infrastructure components provides your business with that critical technical, adaptive, and flexible business competitive edge ability.

Our Operations Research and Business Process Analysis Services employ the fundamentals of a wholistic systems assessment with a three step basic business framework.

A wholistic system assessment considers how the integral components of specific business objectives, business processes, personnel resources, information and operational management systems must work together as parts of the Business Proficiency equation. With a comprehensive understanding of these integral parts and how they are focused on achieving your unique Business Objectives; we derive a foundation for identifying, defining, and understanding your business’s real Operational Needs. Using the Operational Needs foundation we definitively identify and define the true Systems Requirements for your business in order to achieve the best Business Proficiency possible. These Systems Requirements are for the operational management system, the business processes and the resource tools needed to effectively enable your business to optimize its Business Proficiency level by balancing investment, to ROI, to competitive ability.

The three step basic business framework is an integral part of the wholistic system assessment and consists of three basic business components – Business Objectives, Operational Needs and System Requirements. These three basic business components provide both a framework and parameters for achieving the wholistic systems assessment.

Business Proficiency EquationThe Business Objectives component focuses on the executive management element of the business. Establishing a comprehensive understanding of what the business is attempting to achieve and how the policies, procedures, and goals set by executive management are integrated with the operational and system requirements elements provides a set of guidelines and parameters for evaluating the overall effectiveness of those two business elements.

The Operational Needs component focuses on all of the aspects required to functionally and physically operate and manage the business. The Operational Needs analysis encompasses everything from the basic business processes to how operational management is infused with those business processes. Additionally this part of the assessment looks at the resources components and how those resources are effectively functioning in alignment with accomplishing the overall business objectives. This part of the assessment also begins to look at, and identify, as well as define the Systems Requirements parameters. These Systems Requirements parameters dictate what types of operational and process tools are needed in order to achieve the overall Business Objectives, and ensure that these tools are and can be optimally utilized by the personnel resources when accomplishing their daily job duties.

The Systems Requirements component focuses on both the physical infrastructure and the necessary innate business execution and management functions. The Systems Requirements assessment reviews everything from how the information management system is an integral part of each business and job function and how the information management system is helping to facilitate these business and job functions. Additionally the Systems Requirements assessment examines how both information and management controls are facilitated and integrated into both the business and job functions. This part of the assessment also examines everything from job and skills training, to communication and collaboration to data collection with information development and information dissemination. Additionally it reviews how management policies and procedures as well as management controls are integrated with business processes and how the business processes facilitated the accomplishment of the business and job functions. The end result of the Systems Requirements assessment is to determine if the overall infrastructure of the business is enabling the business to accomplish its Business Objectives and if the infrastructure investment is optimized and utilized effectively by the Operational component of the business. Fine tuning the Systems Requirements provides both an ability to adjust Cost and Business Competitiveness aspects in both the horizontal and vertical segments of the Operational and Business Objectives components. This fine tuning leads to not only a high level of Business Proficiency, but enhances the organizations competitive flexibility to adjust either cost or business operational aspects in order to quickly adapt to a new competitive advantage when and as needed.

The real key to Business Proficiency is achieving the delicate balance between Cost Competitiveness and Business Competitiveness ability. Optimally balancing these two business characteristics ensures a maximum ROI with the ultimate competitive edge or future business advantage position.

Ball    Logistics Support Services

Our logistics support services include all aspects of logistics analysis from Logistics Support Package (LSP) development to spares determinations and support equipment identification; including technical manual development and Logistics (Support System) Assessments. 

Our logistics services are provided by Society of Logistics Engineers (SOLE) quality analysts that can provide the complete range of MIL-STD-1388 or GEIA-STD-0007 set of logistics task including Logistics Support Analysis Records (LSARs) or Logistics Product Data (LPD). 

Already have a logistics support system in place but want to know the system's supportability capability or readiness factors for ISO quality purposes?  Our logistics analysts can provide you with the independent and impartial logistics Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to evaluate both your support planning ability in conjunction with your support systems capability to meet your logistics support objectives or needs.  Using guidance from the DoD Logistics Assessment Guidebook we will work with your team to put together a Logistics Assessment Plan based on your business objectives; evaluate your system's capabilities in accordance with your customized plan and then provide you with a Logistics Assessment Report.  The report will identify your system's strengths and weaknesses along with a gap assessment identifying the process deltas from your desired system objectives to its current or existing ability.  The report will also include both our rationale for assessment determinations and possible rectification recommendations that could be implemented to meet your support system business objectives.  Our Logistics Assessments look at your support system as a whole which includes personnel capabilities, process integrations, the complete Logistics Management Information (LMI) system.  This includes and assessment of the management policies and procedures that influence personnel behavior, process integration ability and LMI system functionality working together to meet your logistics or support system business objectives.  

When needed our logistics support services can include just working with your team to develop and implement logistics and maintenance process with integration into an existing maintenance and logistics information management systems integration and / or the development and implementation of a new logistics support system.  We required we can also assist you with analyzing and upgrading / modifying your existing support systems both from a hardware / software perspective and an operational process perspective.

We also provide logistics and engineering support analysis training for growth purposes and / or will provide supplemental support within the logistics and engineering support areas to meet business surge needs. Whether you have a infrequent periodic need or a long term need we can provide the constant high quality operational sustainment capability you require today and tomorrow.

Ball    Engineering Support Services

Our engineering support services consist of the "specialty engineering" design analysis activities such as reliability, maintainability, safety hazard and supportability assessments or predictions integral for effectively evaluating viable and cost effective product / system designs. Our engineering support services can be provided as "stand-alone" deliverables or as an integral part of your teams design requirements and specification development efforts. These types of engineering support services in most programs and business are only periodic in need and thus in order to provide your program with a cost effective approach; our highly skilled engineering analyst can be available when your program or business has a need for these services or products.

Ball  Systems Engineering Support Services 

Our systems engineering support services provide the ability to infuse supportability requirements as an integral part of both product design and operational system development. This begins with defining both product and operational system support needs, converting those needs in to supportability requirements, transitioning those requirements in to supportability design specifications and concludes with product and support system deployment.

Our Systems Engineering Support Services ensures that your design team considers the overall supportability design aspects such as reliability, maintainability, human factors, safety, testability, logistics / supply support viability and total cost of ownership as an integral part of the product design specifications.

We have adopted and adapted standard systems engineering practices to include the full spectrum of supportability factors to ensure a Total Systems Design approach.

Ball    Support Systems Development / Implementation Services

We can provide you with just the logistics and engineering analysis efforts you need or assist you with the development and implementation of a logistics or engineering support system. If you already have a system in place we can assist you with evaluating the supportability effectiveness of that system to your business objectives or aid you with the identification and implementation of modifications to that existing system. With either new systems deployment or existing systems modifications our support system services include the critical element of operational process definition and process work instructions development along with the necessary personnel training, help systems development and other business systems integration to ensure the operational success of your support system.

As a member of the Microsoft Partners Network you can be assured that we can either find or develop a cost effective system or applicable system components that will meet both your business and costs objectives. As a part of our support systems services and as a member of the Microsoft Partners Network we can assist you with database implementations or transitional data migrations as well as with Web application development, modifications and implementations. Whether you need a hosted (Software as a Service - SaaS) system or a system for installation and integration into your corporate network and servers, or just an update to your existing systems; we will work with you to define and implement the "solution" that is right for you.

Ball    Project Management Services

As a part of all of our services we start with an internal project plan and schedule. When applicable we integrate our internal project plan with your project plan(s) and ensure that our project plan is constantly monitored, updated and aligned with your programs / projects milestones or master plan. As part of our business support systems services offering we can provide our project management services to support your program or provide our project management system capability as a hosted SaaS service for your project management personnel. If desired we can assist you with the implementation of a project management system running on your corporate network that will permit you to perform project management in accordance with the Project Management Professional (PMP) guidelines. As a part of our PMP project management support services we can provide the necessary Earned Value Management (EVM) and Technical Performance Measure (TPM) reports necessary for timely critical business decisions.

Ball    Operational System and Process Analysis Documents

  • Business Operational Process and Procedure Documentation
  • Process Effectiveness and Efficiency Assessment
  • ISO Compliant Process/Procedure Command Media Documentation
  • Process Re-engineering Plan
  • Process and Procedure Change Implementation Plan
  • Change Implementation Verification Reports
  • Process Phase Gate-Review Documentation and Checklist

Have the core personnel that can make you ISO compliant, but they just need some additional assistance from a support staff that at least understands the objective, language and even knows how to spell ISO? Our support staff can provide that extra pair of hands and understands the necessity of developing concise user friendly process/procedure documentation. Additionally, our Operations Research background provides our support staff with the ability to differentiate between Deficiency Adaptations and true Process Change or Improvements. While your core personnel focus on the overall compliance objectives; our support staff can tend to the details that ensures accomplishment of your overall goal.

Ball    Program Management Documents

  • Program/Project Management Plan
  • Systems Engineering Management Plan
  • Integrated Logistics Support Plan
  • Logistics Support Analysis Plan
  • Reliability Program Plan
  • Maintainability Program Plan
  • Maintenance Analysis Program Plan
  • System Safety Analysis Program Plan
  • Life Cycle Cost Program Plan
  • Configuration Management Plan
  • Technical Manual/Publications Plan
  • Data Management Plan
  • Integration, Test and Evaluation Plan

In addition to the above program documents, we offer proposal development, red-team review support, or assistance covering all aspects of logistics, systems or specialty engineering support services, including personnel training.

Ball    Analysis, Reports and Models

  • Integrated Logistics & Logistics Support Analysis
  • Reliability Analysis & Predictions
  • Maintainability Analysis & Predictions
  • Maintenance Analysis & Predictions
  • Failure Modes, Effects & Criticality Analysis
  • Fault Tree Analysis
  • System Safety and Design Hazard Analysis
  • Provisioning/Supply System Analysis
  • Spares Analysis
  • Level of Repair & Reparability Analysis
  • Testability Analysis
  • Task and Skills Analysis
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis and Modeling
  • Operations & Support Cost Analysis and Modeling
  • Manpower & Personnel Analysis
  • Training Analysis
  • Packaging, Handling, Shipping & Transportation Analysis
  • Support & Test Equipment Logistics Analysis
  • Supportability Requirements Analysis, Evaluation & Synthesis
  • Supportability Specifications Analysis
  • Supportability Design Requirements Analysis
  • Engineering Analysis Reports

Have personnel that you want to use, but current personnel load demands necessitate assistance with accomplishing some of the above analysis efforts? We can assist your team as required to ensure your program's success. Need an Analysis Model, or a Template to use in accomplishing any of the above analysis activities? Give us a call and we will work with you to ensure you have the tools to make your program a success, both economically and technically.

Ball   Other Services

  • Internet / Intranet Information Management Systems Development & Implementation Assistance
  • Inter-active Multimedia Technical Manuals & Documentation
  • Engineering Support Analysis Modeling
  • Cost Analysis Modeling
  • Engineering Support Training Courses
  • Process and Analysis Training Materials Development
  • Proposal Assistance in the areas of Integrated Logistics Support, Logistics Support Analysis, Systems Engineering and Systems Engineering Support
  • Proposal Development and Management
  • Computer Generated Graphics and Illustrations
  • Hard Copy to Electronic Media Conversions (including text documents, graphics and forms) to Electronic Editable Files or Internet/Web Publishable Media
  • Word Processing / Data Entry Supplemental Support Services
  • Automated Information Management Process Development
  • Electronic Presentation Delivery Assistance
  • Brochures, Fliers, Pamphlets Development and Printing
  • Conversion of CAD Engineering Drawings to Electronic Formats for Technical Reports, Manuals and Publications
  • Short Term Program Contingency and Strategic Analysis Plans


On or Off-Site
Satellite Operations

Because our background has been as a subcontractor with prime contractors requiring us to operate within a prime contractor's facility; we have gained the knowledge and experience of effectively integrating with your program personnel. Our objective is affective transparency to your customer between our personnel and your personnel.
Additionally, we have gained the knowledge and experience of handling the exchange of electronic data using advanced technological capabilities from a satellite operation to a central operation.  We have the ability and capability to establish a satellite operation anywhere in the continental United States. We can establish and operate a satellite operation either in your facility, or locate it within the local area of your facility if necessary. Establishment of a satellite operation will consist of providing all of the necessary automated data processing (ADP) equipment and software programs that we will utilize to successfully accomplish any assigned program task effort.

When required our quotes include the cost of any special software programs that your customer may wish to utilize in a program.  Prior to undertaking an effort, we will review with you the standard modeling and analysis software we use, and will work with you to identify, and evaluate the use and acquisition of any special software that your program or efforts may require.  When advantageous to both parties, and mutually agreed to, we will negotiate with you for the possible acquisition of any special software necessary to meet your objectives.

From a satellite operation, we will utilize internet and cloud based electronic communications to our home office operations in order to utilize and share automated equipment and/or software programs not feasible to bring to a satellite operation. When required, our satellite operations equipment can be inner-connected via a Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN) which can then be networked with our customer's network system to share data electronically. At a satellite operation, we will utilize a single central electronic repository for all assigned program related data, and retain a backup of this repository at our home office.  This is accomplished by periodically down loading the satellite operations single central repository to our home office repository using secure electronic data transfers.

At the conclusion of the program effort we will turn over all program data in our repository and provide the necessary contractual certifications regarding the secure disposal / dispositioning of all program related data.  If required and / or as mutually agreed to, we can retain backup copies of program data in a secure facility, and make this backup program data available to you for future efforts at no charge.  All program data held in our repository will be held and secured to the same standards as data within your own facility.