Listening to the "Voice of the Customer"

Understanding Needs

Satisfying Requirements

Meeting Demands

Providing Real Solutions - "The One that Works for You"

The Company

Logistics & Systems Engineering Support Services (LSESS) has been in business since 1994 providing logistics and engineering analysis support services along with systems engineering support and project management services to both government prime contractors and commercial market entities. We are a Small Business Administration (SBA) qualified small business meeting all of the SBA's small business size standard requirements associated with Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code 8711 "Other Engineering Services" and with the requirements of FAR 52.219-1.

MSPartnerIn 2011 we became a Microsoft Partner Business Solutions provider and combined our heritage knowledge of designing, implementing and managing operational support systems with a new software design and development capability.


Our work with major government prime contractors and both large and small commercial organizations has provided us with the time tested capabilities and proven experience of taking requirements from the needs and proposal phase through final product or system design, implementation and deployment. Our capability and experience includes the necessary knowledge of analyzing and identifying requirements and risks, as well as, effectively executing, managing and administering to the specific and unique requirements of both government programs and commercial operations. Our background and experience combined with the implementation of Total Quality Management (TQM) methodologies has provided us with the knowledge and ability to effectively integrate with any of our customers to deliver competitively priced, high quality services and products. Our program management policies and procedures provide reliable services and products on time, within budget, and within the boundaries of your business constraints. Our proven data management policies and procedures, and understanding of ISO quality requirements allow us to provide the support you need; when needed at any time throughout the life of your program or business. Our established and time proven operational quality assurance processes, configuration management and project management procedures allow us to ensure the integrity of the products and services provided for your unique operational support needs. Our diverse background has given us a solid understanding of the various business and program management styles, along with the complex interrelationships of these elements integrated with individually unique business philosophies that are a part of your products, support systems and your successful business operations or program.

We combine our understanding and knowledge with a pro-active forward thinking approach based on the fundamental concept "that the time to solve issues is before they become problems". We understand the value added importance of obtaining "The Voice Of The Customer", which gives us the ability to understand requirements from the view of, not only you as our customer, but from your customers perspective as well. We use all of these tools to provide a special functional and operational integration with your personnel and organization to effectively, efficiently and timely accomplish all contractual requirements and assist you in your efforts to make your products and business more successful.

Using our engineering analytical heritage - since 2000 we have been assisting our customers with both "off-the-shelf" selection of commercially available support system components and / or the custom development of operational support system capabilities designed to meet each customers unique business needs and costs objectives. Our support systems development consists of a "real world" implementation methodology combined with a "whole business systems" integration approach. With our "real world" implementation mythology we work with your various business departmental segments to identify and develop the necessary real world working operational processes and associated system to process work instructions required to make any support system a viable success. As a part of this implementation methodology we ensure that your personnel have both the working knowledge and on-going support needed to guarantee continuous success of your support systems. Our "whole business systems" integration approach recognizes that every support system must be an integral part of your business information management systems in order to fully achieve your business objectives. Our integration approach starts with a "systems engineering" foundation defining both systems and business process integration requirements and concludes with validating that both business goals and cost objectives are being accomplished; including long-term sustainment for future business success.

Our Guarantee

Our guarantee is a philosophy and a commitment that the task is not complete until the total effort has been approved by you (our customer) and by your customer when applicable. When assigned a specific task, we price the task effort per submission (either single or multiple submissions as per your requirements define up-front). We do not consider a task effort submission complete until the item has been accepted/approved by both your program management personnel and your customer's program management personnel. We will accomplish (at no charge) all changes/revisions required to an item as long as the changes/revisions are within the bounds and parameters of our previous negotiated basic contractual agreement outline up-front from your program's specification documents.

Our policy is that assigned program efforts are not considered complete until accepted by your program management personnel, your customer's program management personnel (when applicable), and we have demonstrated a compliance with all of our contractual agreements. We are totally responsible for all program tasks and efforts assigned to us, and will ensure the tasks or efforts are completed as required, on time and within budget.

For your safety and ours, we have a standard basic contractual agreement that includes confidential and proprietary data acknowledgements, and non-disclosure clauses. We provide this agreement at our first meeting and work with your contractual personnel to tailor this basic agreement to fit your needs. Our basic agreement includes a Statement Of Work (SOW) that we will mutually prepare with your technical staff to ensure that we meet both your needs and business objectives.