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Announcement - October 2011

Logistics & Systems Engineering Support Services (LSESS) and Tero Ltd. have joined forces to bring you new capabilities for accomplishing Maintenance Management, Logistics Support Analysis and Logistics Management integrated with the LSESS Training System Operational Management (TSOM) capabilities.

Now you can take advantage of Tero’s 30 plus years of maintenance management experience and LSESS 25 plus years of logistics and engineering analysis experience in a single place. The new LSESS / Tero Logistics Support Analysis (LSA) capabilities integrated with Tero's Web Work CMMS are founded upon LSESS time proven experience providing logistics analysis and specialty engineering support services to a multitude of DoD Prime Contractors.  The foundation of the new Web Work CMMS LSA capabilities utilize unique / time proven MIL-STD based logistics analysis tools and methodologies created by LSESS bring effective and competitively priced logistics information required by DoD Prime Contractors. Having the applicable logistics and maintenance data integrated and available through a single web based applicable means that your management team has the real-time operational information required to make daily operational management decisions that affect your training delivery capability and effectiveness.

Logistics and maintenance information alone however do not provide your management team with a complete assessment of your training system's total operational capability or effectiveness. To provide you with more comprehensive training system capability and effectiveness information, the new LSESS / Tero Training System Operational Management (TSOM) application components integrated with the Web Work CMMS and LSA provide your management team with the daily training system operational management information needed to make critical operational decisions with a high level of certainty. The new LSESS / Tero TSOM design foundation was proven within the C-17 Aircrew Training System (ATS) over a ten year period of time providing Boeing with unsurpassed management visibility and capability. The TSOM integrates with Tero’s proven CMMS solution to provide you with more in-depth operational performance assessments, system and device metrics and the overall operational visibility you need for quick and effective system management decisions. Operational risk mitigation begins with knowing the facts about how your system is performing and what the true root cause might be for infrequent periodic downturns in operational capability which can drive costs or worse; lead to training detriments. With TSOM you don’t have to understand the working pieces of logistics, maintenance, training delivery, training quality, engineering, system modification concurrency, training scheduling variations, resource competencies and allocations or daily device performance issues to have the necessary ability to operate your training system more effectively. Let TSOM combined with your TMS / LMS and CMMS do the dirty work of data collection, assessments and reporting while you focus on TSOM performance information aiding your daily operational management duties and helping ensure your system’s operational capability is sustained at the highest level possible.

Take advantage of Tero’s 30 years of Support System Application Development combined with LSESS’s 25 years of Support System Analysis and Implementation Capabilities to obtain the "Real Solutions" in meeting all of your Training System Operational Management needs. From Hosted (SaaS) or cloud-based services to applications installed on your corporate network combined with the support you need for success; LSESS / Tero can help you find the right solution for your maintenance, logistics and training system management needs.

LSESS is a member of the Microsoft Partner Network which ensures that we can provide you with the right technical solution or product.  With access to both Silver and Gold Certified Microsoft expertise's; if we don't know it or have it; we have a partner that does. MSPartner