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The increasing complexity and periodic need for operational support services in today's business environment, and the competitive requirement to retain the "right sized" operational support staff with the correct technological capability are difficult at best, if not almost impossible to economically balance.

One cost effective solution to this economic balancing question is to acquire the highly specialized skills and / or services only "when" your business, or program requires them.

We understand the integration of the two most important worlds - resources and infrastructure.   More importantly we understand that in today's economy you need the ability and flexibility to adjust or "scale" both of these worlds based on your current demands.  Since profitability is the key to survivability; the key to survivability is the ability to quickly adjust cost in parallel with capability to meet current demand.   Regardless of whether it is scaling up to meet new demands or scaling down to meet competitive positioning - both your resources and infrastructure need this flexible ability. 

Skill Resources -

Temporary employees provide a reasonable cost solution to meet immediate needs, but may not be a viable method to meet the long term periodic operational support requirements demanded by today's competitive environment.  Initial project efforts generally require large amounts of highly skilled resources and then taper-off dramatically to only an infrequent periodic need. The question then becomes, "Will the same temporary personnel or services be available to meet your periodic support surge needs throughout the life cycle of your business or program?"

Many times the historical knowledge of where your business or program "has been" enhances the quality of "where your business or program is going", while reducing cost by utilizing "lessons learned and historical knowledge".

The real solution would be the highly skilled support resources you need to meet both initial program startup needs and then for long term infrequent periodic sustaining support when you need it at a reasonable "temporary" cost.

Our experience in various Government and Commercial programs with both large and small engineering and aerospace firms, simulation manufacturers, and the training industry has provided us with the knowledge and capability to effectively integrate with your organization to achieve this real solution.  The real solution is the high quality support resources when or as you need them at a price that makes the solution economically feasible and your business or program successful.

Our goal is to work with you to find innovative real solutions that meet both your initial and long-term resource support needs at a competitive price.  At your location, or at our off-site offices, the real solution is the one that works for you.

Infrastructure -

In 2011 we became a Microsoft Partner Business Solutions provider. We took our heritage knowledge of designing, implementing and managing custom operational support systems to a new level.  Let us show you how to integrate Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTs) products using a Microsoft foundation to create a low cost, highly supportable, easily sustainable "real solution" to meet your specific needs. We understand the unique needs of government systems and work to ensure that the Microsoft Government solution not only meets your operational needs but the DOD security and the new government transparency and unified IT requirements as well.

Let us show you how to transition from a cost-centric, back-office operation to a value-driven business with a flexible operational infrastructure using cloud based services, a cloud foundation, or a mixed of cloud and on-premise client server operational infrastructures.  

A cloud based or cloud integrated operational infrastructure provides you with the flexible scalability to control operational infrastructure cost based on your current demand.  Scale up to meet new workload demand buying only the operational infrastructure or IT services you need to meet new demand.  Scale down to adjust not only cost related to workload demand but reduce your operational IT investment and support cost in alignment with your workload demand.  A cloud based infrastructure enables your IT to do more with less while also simplifying and accelerating IT infrastructure changes and services management.   The ability to expand and quickly add capability or services, or contract and minimize operational cost  in alignment with current workload demand provides you with a new competitive edge, as well as, a new method for meeting survivability needs. 

With a cloud based operational infrastructure you no longer have to make incremental capital investments in your IT infrastructure and worry about the accuracy of your ROI assessment or the effectiveness of your capital investment risk mitigation approach.  Instead, cost can parallel consumption need or workload demand maximizing ROI and profitability. 

A cloud based infrastructure enables elasticity, allowing you to utilize IT resources and services for short time periods, scaling with variable demands in workload. 

A hybrid cloud configuration provides some of the flexibility and cost benefits of a cloud infrastructure but with less ability to control cost based on operational need. 

 While a cloud operational infrastructure enables greater agility, which can contribute significantly to a company’s competitive edge;  a hybrid cloud operational infrastructure permits a higher utilization of current capital investments while obtaining some of the flexibility and cost control ability of a cloud infrastructure.

To determine which infrastructure approach will provide the greatest capability and cost savings for your business, ask us to show you how we employ a cloud based operational infrastructure in our own business and the benefits, as well as, competitive advantage we have realized. 

The "real solution" is the one that provides you the greatest capability at the lowest cost, but now gives you more ability to control your IT cost.

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Our Real Solution Philosophy

Our philosophy encompasses knowledgeable management, precise skills, quality products, innovative services, and responsive support at the most competitive price possible. Our time proven and time tested management policies, procedures and approaches provide reliable products and quality services when needed, and as needed at any time throughout your program's or business' life cycle. Our experience and implementation knowledge provides a synergistic answer for solving resource roadblocks with the precise skills and or systems needed when needed. Whether your requirements call for complete support, or only a single discrete support task, our real solutions will tailor fit an approach that accommodates your needs, schedule and budget.

We look forward to an opportunity to discuss real solutions for your unique requirement, provide you with a proposal; support any of your existing efforts, or work with you to develop innovative approaches for capturing future business. For more information regarding our products, services, capabilities, past performance, or experience references; see the applicable page listed above. If you have questions, require more information, or just initially need additional references of past performance, please contact us via one of the communication media listed under the Contact Us button above.

Besides competitive pricing we also offer flexible payment options. LSESS accepts all major credit cards or can provide invoicing on a predetermined payment plan schedule that fits your budget. Naturally, we still offer the traditional Purchase Order / invoicing, check, or cash payment options as well. Want to pay as you go or setup a fixed or milestone payment schedule to match your budget? LSESS can meet not only your resource and technical needs but your budget constraints as well.

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