Change Management System (CHMS)


Change Management goes beyond the discipline areas of configuration management and engineering. Change management begins with an idea and ends with a newly adapted product that better meets current needs. As a result Change Management is a multi-disciplinary process that must integrate across discipline areas and the operational information management systems that each discipline area uses in their daily activities.


Our CHMS product is a set of proven operational processes founded upon industry best practices combined with a collection of information management system interfaces. The Change Management operational processes can be tailored to your organizational structure and programs needs while the information management system interfaces integrate discipline area application tools to create a complete Change Management System. The information system interfaces also provide an integration of the various discipline area application tools with the TSOM to enhance both your Change Management ability and Training System Management capability.


The CHMS is a training system modification tracking and proposal management system. The CHMS provides a centralized and unified ability to identify, capture, track and manage design requirements, project requirements and contractual requirements from modification need to implementation approval. Additionally the CHMS provides the ability to define, manage and report on training system modification proposal metrics.


The CHMS has two primary functions. The first function is used to capture the identification, definition and justification of necessary modification requirements to the training system. The second function is to track and status proposed modifications activities and provide an action item management capability in support of on-going modification proposal activities.

Once a proposed modification is converted from a proposal to an approved modification effort, the design, project, and contractual requirements are moved from the CHMS in to the Project Management and Engineering Management Systems (PMS and EMS). These systems are then used to manage and execute the approved modification effort.


The PMS manages and reports on project execution performance metrics while the EMS ensures that technical change or design change information is provided to other applicable systems such as the LSMS, CMS, DCARS, etc. The TSOM CHMS ensures that logistics and maintenance requirements such as the Logistics Support Package, maintenance procedures, and technical documentation are updated and that training system operational performance profiles and metric benchmarks are modified permitting the TSOM to provide accurate future operational performance and metric assessments and reports.