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This Table of Contents is structured based on the C-17 Training System (TS) Operational Processes and Procedures integrated with the various CMMS modules.  Clicking on one of the CMMS Training elements listed below will initialize training for the specific operational process and the applicable CMMS module(s) that support that process.  From within every training course you can access specific Information about the applicable CMMS module or its sub-modules.  Additionally the related Work Instructions that integrate the CMMS with the C-17 Training System operational processes are accessible within the applicable training.  The Work Instructions provide Step-By-Step instructions on how to accomplish specific operational work processes using the CMMS such as creating, executing, completing or closing a CMMS transactional record (i.e. Work Order, Item Request, Acquisition Document, etc.). 

First time users or if you are new to the CMMS - you should review or take the CMMS Introduction training.

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CMMS Introduction Provides a general high-level explanation of how the CMMS is constructed with an overview of its various functions or parts, and how these functions assist with accomplishing maintenance, logistics and procurement efforts.
On-Equipt WO On-Equipment Work Orders
Off-Equipt WO Off-Equipment Work Orders (Coming Soon)
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